In autumn 2013, in Surgut, Eivør Pálsdóttir gave a concert that changed forever the author of this site (i.e. me) – journalist, music lover, poet and traveler Anton Kovalsky. Since then, the music of the Faroe Islands is one of the most important interests in my life. «Music of the Faroe Islands» is the translation of my reviews on albums of Faroese musicians and some other articles, concerning the music of the greatest place on the Earth, which I write for my Russian-speaking site on culture «Reaktivist».

I hope, this site, created specially for the Faroese and people, who are interested in Faroese music, becomes with time a real encyclopedia, in which everybody can find any information about what sounded, sounds, and will sound on the Islands.

P.S. Translators of the articles and, actually, the co-authors of the website are wonderful girls, Irina Boiko and Marina Zlatoustova.