Flux, Marius Ziska, Tjant, Benjamin, Angelika Nielsen & Thomas Loefke and Allan Tausen

The number of the Faroese musicians, that have visited Russia with a concert, is constantly growing, so, it wasn’t hard to collect in one text the reviews for the albums of those, whom I’ve got acquainted with personally. I didn’t even need the help of Guðrið Hansdóttir, Eivør Pálsdóttir and Kristian Blak to write it.

Flux «Flux» (2003)
Marius «The Sky Is Our Home» (2006)


Before the release of his first bestseller («Recreation», 2013), Hans Marius Ziska has been looking, through trial and error, for his unique sounding for 10 years. Listening to the album “Flux” (2003), one can know Ziska only by his immature voice, which is hiding in the ingenuous alternative rock.

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Fróði, Yggdrasil and Arnold Ludvig Sextet

Fróði «Ultramarine» (2016)

Fróði «Creeping Storm» (2009)

Guðrið Hansdóttir’s brother, Fróði Hansen, doesn’t appear on the Faroese musical stage as often as his sister does, but each his performance is like a bright flash. After the release of a powerful album in collaboration with The Pink Slips, he remained silent for three years. Having created a new band, Fróði recorded a soft and gentle album featuring Guðrið – she charms the ear in penetrating «I Remember You Well» and ethereal «Sunset Surf». Among the well-known to us musicians, in Fróði’s project we can find Bartal Augustinussen, Mikael Blak and Per Petersen. There’re only 6 songs in the «Ultramarine», but all of them are right on the mark. Their precision can’t be grasped from first seconds, but after several run-throughs one just can’t stop listening to the records. You want to put on replay the bold «Mickey Mouse», which is very similar to the previous releases of the Faroese musician: «Creeping Storm» (2009) and «The Mouse» (2012), want to meditate with «Ghost Of A Smile», and tune in to the touchy and vibrant voice of Fróði in the «Ultramarine».

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Dánjal, Budam, Hamferð, Petur Pólson and Clickhaze

Dánjal «The Palace» (2008)

Dánjal «The Bubble» (2012)


Dánjal has always had success. Until the release of the greatest album «Time» in 2014, this Faroese-Danish band had played only klezmer music, and, I must admit, its CDs «The Palace» and «The Bubble» are just as good. Really, the Faroese Dánjal, Neystabø and the rest of the members didn’t experiment much – they’ve just made a hot mix – but it’s hardly a big failure.    «The Palace» is a highly beautiful record, which has naturally combined a rollicking Jewish music with penetrating melody. The final track «Longsul» with expressive piano part and string quartet is just awesome.

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The singing drummer

The disbanding of the Clickhaze was, perhaps, for better. If, at least, one of the members had been seriously involved with this, though rather attractive, but still a secondary project, a disaster would have happened. Petur Pólson wouldn’t have released his album «Koma»; Eivør Pálsdóttir would, probably, have lost her Faroese identity, if she became simply a good singer instead of a real phenomenon. Jens L. Thomsen could have not devoted himself to Orka either. This will also be true for another musician of a star band, which shone so short on the horizon of the Faroese music (they released only one EP), — Høgni Lisberg.

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Steso, Orka, Swangah, Lív Næs и Guðrun & Bartal

Steso «Proper Fucked» (Tutl, 2012)

To judge by the album’s title of the project Steso, which involved several well-known Faroese musicians, these eight compositions don’t seem to be very cheerful. So it is. All is decay. Moreover, complete and entire. The chief responsible for ambient, rock and chill-out (these genres the Facebook group uses to define its creative work) musical setting of this deadly dullness is Hergeir Staksberg. He’s written the major part of the compositions; he plays the guitar, bass, and sings. The second author is ggjas Olsen, whom we know also by the great debut album of Rebekka Petersen, that couldn’t be so nice without his concern.

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Musical «Kristiania». Part 2

Kristian Blak «Ravnating» (Tutl, 1982)

Kristian Blak & Yggdrasil «Ravnating (1982)» (Tutl, 1982)

It’s an absolutely great album of Kristian Blak, which tells us about the life of ravens in their natural habitat, and also about the legends of these birds in mythology, folk beliefs and literature. The record sounds quite minimalistic: we hear only the piano and Sunleif Rasmussen with percussion; this fact, though, gives it a peculiar charm, and doesn’t distract attention from the penetrating tune of each composition.

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In Faroese funk just Anna

MonkeyRat «Fuck The Jante Law» (Tutl, 2009)

MonkeyRat «Sunshine» (Tutl, 2012)

You can find simply all genres of music on the Faroe Islands! The irrepressible Faroese drive punk gigs, rap, play elegant jazz, and feel easy in the sphere of modern academic music. Though, I hadn’t listened to their funk yet (although it combines a large dose of alternative rock and other music genres). The band MonkeyRat has come to my attention for now. Its main driving force (vocal and song texts) are the singer Anna Iachino, and the well-known jazzman Arnold Ludvig (music, bass, occasionally vocals), that shows to better advantage in this project, than in such-like jazz projects. One can give rational explanation to this moment, though. The music by MonkeyRat is, generally, based on Ludvig’s bass.

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The Farther, the Better

Before the 2015th hardly began, the Faroese label Tutl had already released, at least, a couple of decent albums, among which you can find Eivǿr’s greatest record and a breathtaking album by Marius. Today, I’ll tell you about them and another three Faroese CDs, my dear friends. So, make yourself comfortable.

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