Five random CDs from the Faroe Islands

Today, there’s no conceptual foundation in the column “In the player”. Nothing but eclectic music: punk, ethno jazz, mix of folk and klezmer, and melancholic relax-pop. There’s nothing common in all these albums, except of their geographical belonging to the Faroes and “loyalty” to the sole label (Tutl). Even the musicians are different in each album. Marvellous.

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The men who sing

Having got out of reviews of nearly academic Faroese music, we cross the borders sharply and find ourselves in the neighbouring regions – actuality of all sorts (ranging from tragicomic Budam to romantic Marius Ziska). Today’s five albums are, of course, very different, but they are akin by men. Incredibly gifted men who sing. And what is more – gloomy covers.

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Jazz and other things

I am sure the news that there is an association of composers on the Faroe Islands is not a surprise for you (especially, if you constantly read my blog). You will not be also surprised with the fact that small, but self-respecting country has its own symphonic orchestra. However, despite the fact that I know a lot about the Faroese music, I am still surprised with that. Till now I still think that concentration of creative minds in this place in the Atlantic ocean is immensely high. Here is another portion of my astonishment in five pieces.

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Shine on you crazy tree!

To be sure, that Kristian Blak has got a versatile talent, is enough to listen to at least one of his records. Of course, he plays with the genres so skillfully, that his musical metamorphoses are hardly noticed from the first sight. Though, if you comprehend his works carefully, you can start listening to his album with the academic music, and finish with maestro’s jeers (personally, as I write this, I listen to a ruffian sketch «Risin Og Kellingin» from Blak’s suite «Drangar») and “belly” sounds of the wind instruments.

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Petur, Knút, Benjamin and all the others

Tuxedo Rebels «Sometimes Thе World Is Dark» (Tutl, 2014)
AVE «Benjamin & Petur» (Tutl, 2014)

In 2014 a good amount of decent LP has been released (take, for instance, Orka with their “Leipzig”). Anyhow, apart from EP of my favourite Guðrið Hansdóttir the two albums of the two absolutely new projects – AVE and Tuxedo Rebels seemed particularly close to me. Yet, familiar musicians are at the back of the brand new names. For instance, main characters of AVE are Petur Pólson and Benjamin Petersen, whereas in Tuxedo Rebels main characters are Knút H. Eysturstein and Petur. Petur Pólson is a link between these two projects and a good reason to write a common review of them.

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Musicians of the Faroe Islands, unite!

Orka «Leipzig» (Tutl, 2014)
Orka «Livandi oyða» (Tutl, 2007)

The Faroe Islands is, of course, a country in the first instance (the most fascinating and catching, besides), but in the second – just a village on a global scale. A very advanced village. According to Wikipedia, the Faroes share the first place with Iceland in the quantity of books published per head. It seems, the same situation is with the music albums. Only forty-eight thousand population — and a vast of music, enough to please everybody. But this music is often played by the same people.

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Synthesis with the unexpected results

Ginman / Eivør «The Color Of Dark»
Columbia Records / Sony Music Entertainment Denmark A/S, 2014ginman eivor (маленький)

The fact that Eivør Pálsdóttir has some projects with Lennart Ginman became notable when a black and white video was uploaded on YouTube. In this video the Faroese beauty dressed in a tuxedo played a kind of gothic country jazz with the Danish musician and his team. However, musicians themselves call it “the savage land between avant-garde and pop-music”. At that time it was obvious that this idea must be worthwhile.

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Where begins Eivør?

Eivør Pálsdóttir “Eivør Pálsdóttir”
Tutl, 2000

Eivor (маленький)

Faroese singer Eivør Pálsdóttir recorded her first solo album with an unpretentious title “Eivør Pálsdóttir”, when she hardly was 18 (to be more exact, even 17). By Russian standards, this age is too infantile for making essential projects. But if we look closely at the musical scene of the islands, we’ll clearly see, that junior music is treated here as a rather sustainable realia, not as a simple fun. Take, for example, the white-headed boy Beinir with his 2013 record “Kom við”. However, such a comparison is very doubtful.

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