Rebekka Petersen: “Russia is… a huge country, Olga, big hats and Putin”

In spite of her young age, amazing singer Rebekka has recorded the nice debut album called «Byggi Borgir». Almost all songs sound sad but, nevertheless, they are very beautiful. She told your humble narrator how she made up her mind to engage with music, how she spends her free time and what she knows about Russia.


-It is obvious that you can hardly live on the Faroe Islands without painting a picture or record an album. Sometimes it seems that all the inhabitants of the islands are musicians, artists and writers. Then the question arise – who goes fishing? It is a joke, of course. It is interesting to know how have you personally understood that you want to create your own songs and sing?
Hehe, I don't know. I guess it has just come to me naturally in some way. I don't come from a musical family or anything, so it was kind of a coincidence that I picked up the guitar and decided to learn.

— I have heard that you like Eivør’s songs. What do you like most from her works? Which of her albums you feel are close to you? What do you prefer: a light gothic “Larva” or folk ballads and jazz in her first albums?
— Yes, I like Eivørs music. I think her newest album «Room» is her best. And to answer your second question, I prefer a light gothic «Larva», as you put it.

-Your album has something in similar with the wonderful duet «Guðrun & Bartal». How I understood, at least one person from that duet is related to the album. Did Bartal act merely as a musician or did he somehow influence the final results?
— Bartal came in the studio one day and laid some guitar tracks. He wasn't involved as such in production or final results.

-In the musical community of the Faroe Islands collaborative projects happen quite often. Where do you act apart from your solo album? Perhaps, you may have sung anywhere else?
— Yes, I have sung backing vocals for Guðrið Hansdóttir, mostly in live concerts, but I sung some backing vocals on one of her albums called «Beyond The Grey» too. I have also sung backing vocals for Eivør on a few concerts here in the Faroe Islands.

-Most likely, music is not your main work. What is singer’s Rebecca usual work like?
I don't have a job!

-Most certainly, you are still studying. Could you tell me, where you are studying and what is your major?
Not studying

-What inspires you while writing the songs? What are they all about? Is your album a single project or are there going to be other albums?
I think everything inspires me in some way, whether I'm aware of it or not. I can't say anything specific. My songs are about fear, contrasts in life, hope, melancholia. They are very introspective and sometimes philosophical. I have not planned at second album yet, but I guess there will be one (or more). When the time is right.

-Your songs are pretty sad. What about the real life? Are you usually cheerful or do you like being sad?
Hehe, I wouldn't describe myself as a very cheerful person, but not a sad one either. Somewhere in the middle, I like to have balance.

-How do you like spending your free time? Perhaps, you go to the mountains just to contemplate the world?
— I like to go for walks. Not so much in the mountains though. I like to cook too, and just relaxing at home.

— Do you know anything about Russia? I just wonder how you imagine it to be.
— I don't know much about Russia. I know it's big, and somehow the name «Olga» comes to mind. And big hats. And I've heard about Putin in the news. That's about it.

Interview by Anton Kovalsky.

Translated by Marina Zlatoustova.

Russian version interview.