Synthesis with the unexpected results

Ginman / Eivør «The Color Of Dark»
Columbia Records / Sony Music Entertainment Denmark A/S, 2014ginman eivor (маленький)

The fact that Eivør Pálsdóttir has some projects with Lennart Ginman became notable when a black and white video was uploaded on YouTube. In this video the Faroese beauty dressed in a tuxedo played a kind of gothic country jazz with the Danish musician and his team. However, musicians themselves call it “the savage land between avant-garde and pop-music”. At that time it was obvious that this idea must be worthwhile.

We had to wait just one year. Three videos «The Sinner Or The Saint», «Gloomy Sunday», and The Ship" became the whole LP in September 2014. All songs apart from «Gloomy Sunday» (it was written by S.M. Lewis and R.Seress) are composed by Lennart Ginman, but, despite this, we can feel Eivør here as well. I am convinced that the album called «The Color Of Dark» had not only her voice, but also her right of voice. That is why we could not avoid vocal improvisations, that are Eivør’s specific features (take «Son Of The Sin», for instance).

In comparison with videos presignifying the release, the songs (there are nine of them, by the way) sound in a different way. Studio recording surpasses them in something, but, on the other hand, something has been lost. There is less jazz. What a pity!67333807_339641821

It has to be noted that there are no undistinguished tones in the album of Lennart Ginman and Eivør Pálsdóttir. It sounds rather smooth. In my opinion, there are brighter songs like harmonious and catchy «The Sinner Or The Saint» which you can listen to in the morning and after that sing all the day long. Then there are «Gloomy Sunday» where Eivør shows the strength of her voice, and mystic psychedelic «The Ship», and melancholic «Inside».

To summarize all that is mentioned above, we need to say that Lennart Ginman and Eivør Pálsdóttir have a well-made album. It is a kind of the unique synthesis which leads to a not so evident result during the whole process. It is true particularly for Ginman who is a jazzman and perfect double-bass player in the first instance. However, according to the fact that songs, composed by the Danish musician, matched the Faroese singer well, we can presume that it is not their last joint project. We do not mind. Let us simply wait for the new Eivør Pálsdóttir’s album which has been already recorded and will be released presumably in spring 2015.

Reviewer by Anton Kovalsky.

Translated by Marina Zlatoustova.

Russian version reviewer.