In Faroese funk just Anna

MonkeyRat «Fuck The Jante Law» (Tutl, 2009)

MonkeyRat «Sunshine» (Tutl, 2012)

You can find simply all genres of music on the Faroe Islands! The irrepressible Faroese drive punk gigs, rap, play elegant jazz, and feel easy in the sphere of modern academic music. Though, I hadn’t listened to their funk yet (although it combines a large dose of alternative rock and other music genres). The band MonkeyRat has come to my attention for now. Its main driving force (vocal and song texts) are the singer Anna Iachino, and the well-known jazzman Arnold Ludvig (music, bass, occasionally vocals), that shows to better advantage in this project, than in such-like jazz projects. One can give rational explanation to this moment, though. The music by MonkeyRat is, generally, based on Ludvig’s bass.

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