Musical «Kristiania». Part 2

Kristian Blak «Ravnating» (Tutl, 1982)

Kristian Blak & Yggdrasil «Ravnating (1982)» (Tutl, 1982)

It’s an absolutely great album of Kristian Blak, which tells us about the life of ravens in their natural habitat, and also about the legends of these birds in mythology, folk beliefs and literature. The record sounds quite minimalistic: we hear only the piano and Sunleif Rasmussen with percussion; this fact, though, gives it a peculiar charm, and doesn’t distract attention from the penetrating tune of each composition.

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The Farther, the Better

Before the 2015th hardly began, the Faroese label Tutl had already released, at least, a couple of decent albums, among which you can find Eivǿr’s greatest record and a breathtaking album by Marius. Today, I’ll tell you about them and another three Faroese CDs, my dear friends. So, make yourself comfortable.

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Shine on you crazy tree!

To be sure, that Kristian Blak has got a versatile talent, is enough to listen to at least one of his records. Of course, he plays with the genres so skillfully, that his musical metamorphoses are hardly noticed from the first sight. Though, if you comprehend his works carefully, you can start listening to his album with the academic music, and finish with maestro’s jeers (personally, as I write this, I listen to a ruffian sketch «Risin Og Kellingin» from Blak’s suite «Drangar») and “belly” sounds of the wind instruments.

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